Ex 5.1


when do we get to this IF????

int drv_init_module(void)
  if (major_num) 


    printk(KERN_WARNING "init_module(): major = %d\n", major_num);

    dev = MKDEV(major_num, minor_num);  

    result = register_chrdev_region(dev, 1, "old char device");


As far as I understand

Asked on September 28, 2019 in Linux Kernel.
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you are right because “module_param” macro is missing. in order to get the ability to get inside the if code block you have adding to your driver “module_param” macro (with the right values).

as there is arguments to main in c there is something similar to it with the module.

as long as you use the “module_param” macro inside your driver with the right values, at the time you upload the module with insmod you can (not forced) to initialize the global variable “major_num” with a value which is different from zero and then you will able to get inside the if code block you are talking about.

Answered on September 28, 2019.
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Adi is quite right,

But please Notice the “char.h”  header file, MAJOR is configured there currently to 0,

but this could change .

Answered on September 29, 2019.
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